Slow response in post link


hi i recently move my blog leaseweb vps to vpsdime 6gb ram now i facing slow response in any my blog post link also in wp admin working slow i did all think database optimization also i test with other vps provider same issue please helo what should i do blog


hello help


H @raja_jana

Can you check if object cache is enabled. would be a better option to debug the slow issue further.


i disable object cache but still same problem i also disable all plugin but still same


Also please check PHP/Mysql slow queries for any further lead.

sudo ee debug --all


here is the error log


sudo ee debug --all log

Nginx debug connection already enabled Enabling PHP debug PHP5-FPM log_level = debug already setup MySQL slow log is already enabled Nginx rewrite logs already enabled Reload : nginx [Failed] Restart : php5-fpm [OK] Restart : php7.0-fpm[Failed] Use following command to check debug logs: tail -f /var/log/nginx/*.error.log /var/log/php5/slow.log /var/log/php5/fpm.log /var/log/mysql/mysql-slow.log


Why don’t you try moving your site to redis cache and PHP7.


here is the 3 log





i already did but same issue


please help me bro i wasted 3 days for this still not solved :frowning: