Slow Queries


I've some very slow queries even when the plugin is not really used in a page like this one :

"SELECT COUNT(*) as Total FROM wp_posts INNER JOIN wp_postmeta ON wp_postmeta.post_id = WHERE wp_postmeta.meta_key = 'bp-media-key' AND ( wp_posts.post_type LIKE 'attachment' OR wp_posts.post_type LIKE 'bp_media_album');"

How can we optimize this ?


The above SQL query is used to fetch the media count of a particular user on the requested page. Since we have used the inner join with wp_postmeta table (which is not indexed); the query is taking a little long to fetch the result.

We have realized this problem and in order to achieve the same; we have removed this implementation in our coming release of rtMedia 3.0. We have re-defined the work-flow of this feature; which would improve the performance of the plugin.

Meanwhile you can find the current development code at : rtMedia Github Repo. You can install it and give it a try. Though it does not guarantee a complete plugin as its development is still under progress. You may provide us with your valuable feedback/suggestions.



I've updated to 3.0 but after the database migrate, the links for the pictures are no more working and always generate the same link

FOr ex :

Whatever the picture you try to click you get

With an error link...

We're live, can you help me to understand how I can patch this ?

Alos I got an erro on the media tab link :

And everything is broken :-(

More broken example... nothing no more working.. total disaster... :-(