Altho I hope to buy a BuddyPress theme (Bounce) soon, and your plug-in appears to do exactly what I need - have members be able to add photos to their profiles, I am still using my current site - as a demo. I am having issues with having more than one slider on a page and having a “click to play” function so that the sliders match the text. I though I read that your plug-in can create slideshows but now I can’t find it.

Appreciate your help.

@ChecMark - rtMedia does create slideshows but they are used internally for the media related to rtMedia. As of now this cannot be used with media unrelated to rtMedia.

If you are facing issues with the rtMedia thickbox then please provide a link so that we can check what exactly is causing the issue.

I don’t understand your answer. If I buy the plug-in does it do slideshows and can they be set to “click to play” so that I can have multiple slideshows on one page?

Thank you.

@ChecMark - Nope this option isn’t present in the plugin. The slideshow related stuff is a part of the free version. You can check out the demo of the slideshow here -> You would need to click on a media item to check it out. The slideshow is more of a thickbox with a large preview of the clicked media and with options to navigate through to the next or previous media.

The gallery shortcode can be used to display such items on a page in different sections, but these would not be autoplayed and would have to be navigated manually.

You can get a hold of the free version from here -> and check.

Let me know if you have any doubts regarding that or if I have misunderstood your question.