Slideshows of recent images

Pre- Sale Question: I am in need of a sidebar widget, displaying a rotating slideshow of recent rtMedia images uploaded by all members and ideally, the images should also link to the relevant image inside the rtMmedia album of the user, if you click on the rotating image. I see that you have a sidebar widget as an addon, but that it displays static images. Is it at all possible to change the widget code, to display rotating images instead?

Does anyone have an idea if this can be accomplished with the rtMedia sidebar addon or alternatively know of a sidebar widget slider plugin that I can use to display rtMedia images? Im working on a bit of tight deadline and need to find a resolution to this asap.

Hi @jenny

Do you want slideshow inside a lightbox or in page in widget area itself? Looking into your requirement, I think you will need to alter sidebar widget add-on code.

Hi there, I need the rotating slider to be in the widget area itself, not in lightbox format. Something like this, but for recent uploaded rtmedia images, not for blog posts.

So basically a rotating recent rtmedia widget, in specific images, but it must be pulled from all user uploads

So something along the lines of [rtmedia_gallery global=true media_type=photo per_page=12 ], but where 1 image shows at a time, and the images auto rotate as a slider, will suffice.

Or alternatively, if the sidebar widget code can be altered to show rotating slider with images, that will also be great. Whichever is the quickest way for me to implement this, will be fine, altered sidebar widget or shortcode in a sidebar is also ok.

Oh and the slide widget must not have navigation arrows on it, it must auto rotate. Or if there is arrow, there must be the ability to select whether to show the arrows or not. The same goes for title of the image. This does not have to show or if it does, then there must be an option to enable or disable title from showing on the image.

Update: I found this plugin: which is a great plugin and exactly what I want, but it pulls all media from wordpress media library and its url functionality is broken, but since I’m pressed for time, I’m going to try and adapt the code of this plugin, to pull in rtmedia images only and get the image urls to link correctly. Will post here if I get it to work.

Im still struggling to get this to work. Any update on if and when it will be possible to use your sidebar widget add-on, as a rotating slideshow of random /latest uploaded media pulled from all the users profile media galleries?

Alternatively, can you point me in the right direction regarding hook or code needed to accomplish this?

So I want to display users media from their profile galleries, NOT from a single global user gallery

Hello jenny,

It will take some time as it requires more changes in code of sidebar widget.

Thank you.

Thank you Pranali,

Ok for now I’m using to pull the rtmedia images from wp media library and its working fine, displaying a slideshow in a widget of random images uploaded by members, but it will be great if this functionality can be included in your plugin as well.

Please let me know on this thread, once it is implemented, then I will purchase the slider widget add-on.