Slideshow not working

Hey There,

So I just got started with RT Media Plugin this is critical to the website. It was working with the earlier theme I was using. Now when you click on a photo the slideshow fails to open.

Test it here – Not sure if the themes slideshow and the plugins slideshow is conflicting. Anyway would be really grateful if you could help me sort this out. I really really need this to work. (Already troubleshooted by deactivating all plugins and trying it)

Thanks in Advance, Vir —

Is there a way to disable the plugin's lightbox and use the theme's lightbox ? I think that is the conflict.

I know we can switch the lightbox off. But that results in the work being displayed as a separate URL which is not what I want. I still would like the slideshow to work but with the theme's lightbox (Colorbox). Please help me out.

@vir - You would need to override rtMedia templates for that -> and switch lighbox off on rtMedia.

You would need to add a particular class maybe to the image link, that colorbox uses to detect images to open in a thickbox.

Hey @joshuaabenazer,

Still Kinda lost here. Please could you help me out where to start. Would be really grateful.

Thank you.

1) Followed the instructions and created the rtmedia folder in the themes directory. 2) Looking at the media-single.php.. Need help where to start. I basically want to use the Theme's existing lightbox and don't know how to do that.

Please help.

@vir - You would need to edit the media-gallery-item.php file. Also regarding implementing your themes lightbox would depend on the library being used. Most lightboxes work by assigning a class or rel attribute to the link surrounding the image. Also assuming that script is being loaded on that particular page.

@vir - Also we have integrated our lightbox in a different way to fetch the buttons and comments. You would need to change the link url to fetch the image source instead of the media permalink. You can get that using rtmedia_media_id() to get the WordPress id for the media and then using [wp_get_attachment_image_src()][1].

Also it is recommended that you use rtMedia's thickbox. You could even disable your themes thickbox by limiting its load to other pages except rtmedia gallery page using the conditional tag is_rtmedia_gallery().

Hey @joshuaabenazer, Thanks for your response. Gonna give this a try. Hope it works out :)