Sitewide gallery section shortcode


I tried with your shortcode documentatio but I didn’t get it. What I need is to replace Nextgen Gallery shortcode for a Gallery with a rtMedia shortcode Gallery and a Nextgen shortcode upload for a rtMedia shortcode upload. This is what I have:

  1. A page called “Tulueñadas” with ID=75 where I want to insert both shortcodes, the gallery and the uploader.
  2. A rtMedia sitewide gallery section album called “Tulueñadas” with slug /album/tuluenadas-2/ and ID=4713

What I want is to display in page Tulueñadas all (and only the photos) uploaded to rtMedia album called Tulueñadas by all the users and below the gallery insert the uploader in order to all the registered users upload a photo to that album shows in that page. Ideally the photos uploaded by not admin users should be moderated, and can be restricted the number of images and show them random?

Can You provide me with the shortcodes? Thanks in advance!

Hi Andres, try this shortcode. It will server both the upload and gallery functionality.

[rtmedia_gallery uploader=true album_id="global_album_id" global=true]

Regarding moderation, you can enable media moderation and can set moderation count to 0 from rtMedia moderation admin setting. This will moderate all the medias uploaded, irrespective of who has uploaded.

Sorry to say but it can't restrict the number of images and show them random.

Hi Ritesh and thanks for your reply.

I'll try it but the moderation I think will not work for me because I think if I do that, I'll have to moderate all the BP images too. About the number of images and show them randomly it would be an excellent option for sitewide galleries.