Sitewide Galleries not uploading images

I am trying to use the sitewide gallery on my wp/bp site. When I upload images to the sitewide gallery it just doesn’t finish uploading them and I see a javascript error "Uncaught ReferenceError: rtmedia_gallery_reload_on_upload is not defined ".

My steps

  1. log into wordpress admin
  2. Select Albums -> Create
  3. Create a new album (In my case I did “Test Library” as the title and everything left as defaults)
  4. Hit publish (why not)
  5. I then go select a file to upload IMG_1535.png it has a status of “waiting”
  6. Push Start Upload
  7. Switches from Uploading to Uploaded pretty fast. It doesn’t clear the (x) by them.
  8. In the javascript console I see "ReferenceError: rtmedia_gallery_reload_on_upload is not defined
    " there is no edit link on it like the normal pages.
  9. If I publish the page the file is gone.

Uploading a picture in a user or group gallery works fine.

Running all current Buddy Press, BBPress, Wordpress and RTMedia.


Yes, I checked and is giving this JS error but it also successfully uploaded media so it should show media on frontend. We will be releasing a fix for that JS error by this monday as it is weekend now.

Is uploading works properly from frontend?

Glad that you could see the javascript error on your end. Makes it easier to catch.

To answer about "Is uploading works properly from frontend?"

For me - I'm not seeing any files uploaded when I use the admin Sitewide gallery from the custom post type. I'm not seeing the files anywhere on the server after I upload the image file.

Again uploading for a group or an individual user from buddypress work fine. It's just the Sitewide album uploading from the custom post type on this server.

@bmogged, please update rtMedia to the latest version 3.6.2. Let us know if you face any issue.

Sorry been out of town.

As you suspect the javascript error is gone. But I am still having problems.

I stripped the site down to just bbpress/buddypress/rtmedia pro and switched to the Twenty Fourteen theme.

And it still doesn't save the uploaded file.

Steps 1) Created a new album with a title "test album" 2) Published album 3) Selected an image in the uploader area 4) Press Start Upload 5) goes from waiting, uploaded, uploaded as seen in the screenshot. 6) hit update

At this point A) The files are not listed anywhere on the admin page B) The files are not on the album page C) The files are not on the file system

It's like it can't write the file and not telling us there is a problem.....

Any help is appreciative

@bmogged, can you send site URL and admin credentials to so that I can have a look to the issue.

Hi. Did this issue get resolved? I’m having the same problem. Wondering if there is a fix:) I just installed sitewide gallery this morning.

Can I get a follow up on this issue? I also experience this problem…