Site redirects to https version of domain after moving site to new server


Hi there,

We migrated a domain off of an EE server to new server. We disabled Let’s Encrypt and totally deleted the site from the old server. Not much content on the old server and wanted to create it from scratch anyway so it made sense not to migrate but start over.

We created a new WP site (Multisite, Redis) on the new server and changed over the DNS to the IP address of the new server.

The problem we are facing is that the domain redirects in the browser to the https version of the domain. It’s been more that 24 hours so DNS should have propagated by now. Also cleared browser cache and flushed DNS cache on the local machine multiple times.

We also flushed all cached on new server with ee clean & ee clean --redis

To be clear, the new server is restored from a backup of the old server, thus could there be config files that need to be deleted or could this be a Let’s Encrypt issue that is bothering us from the old server – not really sure why as IP addresses differ.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Kind regards Francois Wessels


@harshadyeola would you be able to assist with this?

Kind regards Francois Wessels