Site redirecting to another site

Hello everyone,

Recently, I had a problem with one of my servers and I had to migrate some sites to another one.

So, I created the site on new server, sent the files, imported the database.

The first one, was fine. Worked perfectly. Let’s name it

Then the second, the third and the fourth one, I had the same problem.

Did the same procedures to upload the files and import wordpress database.

But, when I try to access, it redirects to And the same thing happened with site3-com and site4-com

Really don’t know what to do.

I created all the sites on the server using:

ee site create --wpredis --php7

I deleted and tried to do it again several times, but it keeps happening.

Also, somentimes when I imported a database to for example, when I try to access the site, it looks that database was not imported at all. I just see the “hello world” post from wordpress.

Any help is appreciated!