Site redirect another site

Hey, guys! So, I have 3 sites using EE, but when adding a new site, being 4, when I change the DNS it keeps redirecting the domain of this new site to another site (one of the 3 others already installed), why does this occur?

I think it’s the letsencrypt that does it… What do you think?

I had same problem before changing cache plugin from W3 Total Cache to another.

It seems you are using --wpredis and your cache key is wrongly defined in wp-config.php.

It is a line like:

define( 'WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT', '' );

Note that if you change cache engine with EE (ee site update) this line will be added at the end of wp-config.php. You should manually move it a few lines above (above the “That’s all” comment).

After that issue:

ee clean --all

If I didn’t make wrong assumptions here, your problem should be solved now.

I forgot to mention: take a look at all your sites, if they were updated to --wpredis.

Guys! The problem is related to Letsencrypt, I did the removal of the certificates installed in a standard way by EE, and I used the Certbot. This way I had no more redirections errors