Site file permissions and owner to develop

Hi all, i’m has been a v3 user for some years and now i’m testing v4 and I’am so exited about the use the new docker stack to develop locally.

for now the site files are on /opt/easyengine/sites/[domain]/app/htdocs but all files here are from root / www-data owner, how you deal with that on a local development? using a code ide and git, etc ?

There is a sftp setup in the handbook to move files to have the correct owner when you move files.

I just chown any files to the correct owner when I create a new file. Once the file is setup with the correct owner, root can edit without any issues.

It didnt helped me. I am not allowed to access app folder. Can you help on this.

ee default answer is to use root for all changes. Are you using the root to make changes?