Single WP site, stuck at 'welcome to nginx'

Hello all,

I’m at a complete loss as to what I am doing wrong. I set up a digitalocean droplet for a Shiny server ® and to create a decent landing page installed easyengine. Following the install directions exactly, I made a 1 page wordpress site linking to my custom domain (no problems with this domain linking to server earlier, already pointed) and I get the “welcome to nginx” page. The site is listed as available and enabled, next to the default. To ensure I wasn’t going crazy, I created a brand new droplet, followed the EE instructions exactly, and same result. What can I do to fix this? I feel like I have begun to follow so many different “solutions” that I am going to start screwing this up beyond repair. It’s all backed up, but I’d rather not start from scratch again. Thanks for your help.

Can close this probably. Fixed by deleting default out of /sites-available/ and /sites-enabled/.