Sieverules plugin folder absent


Hello Camp!

Thank you for mail release. Looking through I see

// List of active plugins (in plugins/ directory)

$config[‘plugins’] = array(



when I look in roundcube plugin folder I do not see sieverules plugin folder. Is this intentional? Should I wait for new release or just add it myself?

What am i missing? fresh install using

ee stack install all

Thank you so much rtCamp!!


Sieverules is part of roundcube-plugins-extra package. Which is part of mail setup tutorial but is not being installed with ‘ee stack install all’ command.
Seeing it called for in /var/www/roundcubemail/htdocs/config/ led me to assume filters would be working in the Roundcube.
Sorry for confusion

Thank you rtCamp



We have added filter rules, so basic filters are working fine.

If you want more filters you can go with

I hope this will solve your issue. I am closing issue now, feel free create a new one if face any issue.