Showing additional pages that don't exist


I'm noticing a problem with pagination when using the numbers to go to additional pages. When I go to a category page and scroll to the bottom there it shows additional numbered pages where none exist. When I click any other the numbers it shows the same page I am currently on. How can I prevent it from shows additional pages when none exist yet? Thanks!

Also in checking the code it appears that it's the pagenav that needs to be changed. Where would I find the edit this in the files? Thanks!

I found the page under rtp-default-functions.php and made the edit from 'total' => $wp_query->max_num_pages,

to 'total' => $wp_query->multipart,

the only problem with this is how do I do this under the child theme instead of the parent theme. I created a lib folder and the same file under my child theme folder but it doesn't identify the edit. It only takes affect under the parent folder.

Hi, For implementing the same using the child theme, you can uncomment the following line

Once that is done go to the end of the rtp-custom-hooks-applied.php file and paste the following code.

function rtp_custom_archive_pagination() {   
    /* Page-Navi Plugin Support with WordPress Default Pagination */  
    if ( !rtp_is_bbPress() ) {  
        if ( !is_singular() ) {  
            global $wp_query, $rtp_post_comments;  
            if ( isset( $rtp_post_comments['pagination_show'] ) && $rtp_post_comments['pagination_show'] ) {  
                if ( ( $wp_query->max_num_pages > 1 ) ) { ?>  
                        echo paginate_links( array(  
                                'base' => str_replace( 999999999, '%#%', esc_url( get_pagenum_link( 999999999 ) ) ),  
                                'format' => '?paged=%#%',  
                                'current' => max( 1, get_query_var('paged') ),  
                                'total' => $wp_query->multipart,  
                                'prev_text' => esc_attr( $rtp_post_comments['prev_text'] ),  
                                'next_text' => esc_attr( $rtp_post_comments['next_text'] ),  
                                'end_size' => $rtp_post_comments['end_size'],  
                                'mid_size' => $rtp_post_comments['mid_size']  
                            ) ); ?>  
            } elseif ( function_exists( 'wp_pagenavi' ) ) {  
            } elseif ( get_next_posts_link() || get_previous_posts_link() ) { ?>  
                    <?php if ( get_next_posts_link() ) { ?>
<?php next_posts_link( __( '← Older Entries', 'rtPanel' ) ); ?>
<?php } ?> <?php if ( get_previous_posts_link() ) { ?>
<?php previous_posts_link( __( 'Newer Entries →', 'rtPanel' ) ); ?>
<?php } ?> <?php } } } } add_action( 'rtp_hook_archive_pagination', 'rtp_custom_archive_pagination' );

So basically you would have to remove the parent hook and add a hook of your own.

Thank you Joshua! But when I looked in the lib folder the rtp-custom-hooks-applied.php doesn’t exist. So I just copied the code from the rtp-custom-hooks-applied.php file and created a lib folder in the child theme folder and reversed the parent back to $wp_query->max_num_pages. The rtp-custom-hooks-applied.php under lib in the child theme didn’t change it multipart. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks for your help.

Also, I can’t add a functions.php file to my child theme folder. Is there a way to do this. Should I be able to move it to my child folder? Thanks

Have you created your child theme from scratch?

Yes, I created from scratch. I can’t do the code in the way you described? I just looked up rtPanel child theme I didn’t know that you guys had one already set up for people to use. But even if I put the rtpanel child function.php file in my child theme folder my site receives an error. I’m not sure what to do :frowning:

Ok try doing this then. If you don’t have a functions.php file create an empty one and put the following code in it. If you have one then just append the following code to it.

function customtheme_remove_parent_hooks() {  
    remove_action( 'rtp_hook_archive_pagination', 'rtp_default_archive_pagination' );  
add_action( 'init', 'customtheme_remove_parent_hooks' );  

Follow this code with the code provided in the older reply.