Show uploaded pics (by shortcode-upload) in Activity Stream


Using the upload-shortcode (in a page) I tried different things to get the pics also shown in activity:

[rtmedia_uploader context=“activity” context_id=“2”] or [rtmedia_uploader context=“activity”]

Nothing worked. So no option shows that photos in the activity or in the albums of “mypage”.

I have installaed “buddypress sidewide actvity widget” and that upload directly from activity don’t work in the widget so I need the shortcode-upload. but I want to have the pics then shown on the users pages and the activity…

Any Idea?

Thanx so much for that wonderful gallery :smile:


Hi @Simpson,

If you want to upload media, use rtmedia_uploader shortcode i.e. and if you want to view the uploaded media gallery use rtmedia_gallery shortcode .

I am confused, can you tell me what exactly is the issue?

Thanx, I try to unconfuse you :wink:

I need the uploaded pics shown in the “activity -stream” ( hat I have on startpage via plugin)

But I don’t want the users load their pics up in their activitystream by rtmedia functionality (because some other plugins have problems that I have to use like "buddypress sidewide actvity widget.

So I want them to use the “uploader-shortcode”. But when using thatt all the pictures are uploaded and only shown with the “gallery-shortcode” - but not shown in the activity or on their profilepages. But I want them also be shown in the activity, even the pics are uploaded via uploader-shortcode.

So what do I have to do that I can use the uploader-shortcode and then the pics are in their profiles and in the activity-stream.

Hope this shows my problem?

Thank you so much for helping me :smile:


Hi @Simpson,

Can you please tell, what exact uploader-shortcode you are using and on which page?

Thank you.

You can look on a test page:

The code is: [rtmedia_uploader context=“activity”]

The Problem: This is what I want: showing the pcis in activity-stream, great! BUT These Pics are only shown in activity-feed when I enable “Allow upload from activity stream” (means the upload form). But I must not allow the users to upload the pics via the upload form in the activity, because the activity-sidebar-widget don’t work with the uploader. It shows the button but doesnt upload the pics.

So I want all the users Pics they upload show in the activity-bar - but not allow them to upload it via the activity-stream, for example if they use their albums on their profile pages - the pics are also not shown in the activity-feed.

Hope I could explain it good enough :wink:

I will become a paying customer when I can get that feature, because I need the pics shown in the activity-feed without being uploaded there.



Hi @Simpson,

Activity of uploaded media will only be generated, if “Allow upload from activity stream” is enabled from rtMedia admin settings.

So sorry to say that, what you want is not possible.