Should wp mail work out of the box?


I use several VPS running fresh installs of Ubuntu 14.04lts, I run EE install script, lock down SSH and start building sites. (i.e. Digital Ocean, VPSDime, Pantheon…)

I don’t use email on these boxes nor do I set anything up. Should I expect wp mail to work without any other efforts?



Yes, I am running more than 10 websites using EE, and the wp_mail() function does work as it should. Just to be on safe side, I use Postman SMTP to configure the SMTP for outgoing emails.

This way, the emails sent using wp_mail() function does not go to spam folder.

Link to the plugin -

Hope this helps you.



If you create new site with --wp then EasyEngine will install email transfer agent called Postfix.

However, your emails will likely go to spam folder or even rejected by some email services.

To avoid this you need to install SMTP plugin as exemplified by nitiny