Should I "leverage browser caching" when using Redis?

I’m doing random speed tests for my site and all of them recommend I should “leverage browser caching”. I’m using --wpredis. Should I “leverage browser caching”, whatever that means? If so, how do I do it?

it means HTTP headers to set expiry times for certain types of files.

For more info

Thanks. Should I do this though? Will it somehow interfere with the Redis cache?

No it would not interfere with redis in any way Leverage browser caching simply means that for how long a particular file can be cached by browser Like CSS and JS so by adding this it browser will not request css and js and use it from disk so user will have faster browsing experience and it also help to reduce load on server

Thanks for the info. Shouldn’t this be enabled by default by easyengine?

Well it easy to edit so maybe no one cares about it

It’s already enabled by default in easyengine, make sure assets not cachable are loaded from your domain