Should I install both --w3tc --wpfc

Can I use both? When trying to install them, I get an error. Or should I use only one?

What is the “optimal” setup? What tutorials should I follow from the Docs? As far as I can tell, they all the configs from those tutorials are already preconfigured.

I’m using a totally fresh WP install on a fresh VPS.

No, you should choose only one cache mechanism.

I’d suggest you to use --wpredis, since it has proven, in my WPs, to be the best option.

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You should only install -w3tc if you enjoy migraine headaches, and hemorrhoids – because if the complications of installation, maintenance and optimization don’t get you, the lack of support will surely get you in the end. :sunglasses:

I like w3tc because it has much more features. If I use redis or nginx cache, what other features/configs should I manually do in addition to them?

I personally have been finding that FastCGI has been working best in conjunction with REDIS object caching.