Shortcodes not working

Hi Guys, I’m trying to use shortcodes on a page ( but it’s not working as I expected to.

The shortcode [rtmedia_gallery global=”true”] shows "Opa !! Não há mídia encontrada para a solicitação !! (no media)"

The shortcodes: [rtmedia_gallery global=”true” media_type=”photo”], [rtmedia_gallery global=”false” media_type=”photo”], [rtmedia_gallery global=”false” media_type=”album”] and [rtmedia_gallery global=”false” media_type=”photo” media_author=”1” ] shows "Invalid attribute passed for rtmedia_gallery shortcode."

Th ere’s a plenty of picture previously uploaded, but none of them are showing.

I’m using twentyfourteen template, and I’ve disabled all my plugins (only BuddyPress and rtmedia are working)

Besides that, the “original” media page ( shows some photos, but only my photos (I expected other users’ photos would show up).

Could you guys give me a hint about how to solve it? All I need is a page that shows all pictures.

Cheers from Brazil, Felipe

I dont know if this will help you or not, but I noticed your quotes are the wrong quotes. You’re using ” when you should be using "

Hmmm…I’ll try again. Thanks a lot for your reply! Happy 2015!

Hi @Felipe_Augusto_Marx,

First of all try what @illusionsglass suggested. If you use global="true" it will only fetch media with public privacy so make sure you have any public media available when you use global=true. You can check this doc: for more gallery shortcode details.