Shortcodes - not work


Why shortcodes not work?

Uploader - [rtmedia_uploader context=“group” context_id=“4”] Only uploader. Gallery - [rtmedia_gallery global=“true” media_type=“photo” album_id=“72” media_title=“false”]

Gallery media_title=“false” not work. The rest are working properly

Thank You.

Hello @nblxhd,

We tried your shortcode and they are working fine including media_title=“false” . Can you provide screenshot of media title you want to hide?

Thank you!

I know what works for your site. But on my site it does not work. That’s the reason why I have written to you

Thank You.

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Yes, media_title = false is working for us and I think you are using Kleo theme so please make sure that theme is using updated rtMedia templates.

To work around on this issue, you can replace below code in wp-content/themes/kleo/rtmedia/media/media-gallery-item.php file

<?php if( apply_filters( 'rtmedia_media_gallery_show_media_title', true ) ){ ?>
            <div class="rtmedia-item-title">
                <h4 title="<?php echo rtmedia_title(); ?>">
                    <?php echo rtmedia_title(); ?>
        <?php } ?>

Or simply get in touch with theme developer to fix this issue.

Hope this will resolve your problem.



Hello. Thank you for the response. Added to the file, nothing happens.

Dear @nblxhd

See the attached image. You need to replace code with above provided code.

Is It Working. Thank U.

How about Uploader?

Hello, we will release an update with KLEO 2.4.2 next week and will include this fix too.


Thanks for the answer, waiting for updates

Okay, now users add photos and they get into the album. but (!) the problem is that they can add not joining the group.