Shortcode for Gallery with multiple context IDs?

Hi everyone, here is what I want to achieve:

I'm building a tourist community, and my visitors can upload photos for e.g. Post for Village 1, Post for Village 2, Post for attraction 1, Post for attraction 2 etc.

But, all these destinations and attractions are located on the same island, let's call it X. So I need to find a way to show ALL photos taken in the island X by all members..

I tried to put multiple context_ids on the gallery shortcode, but I get this error: Oops !! There's no media found for the request !!

Does anyone know a way to build a custom gallery like that? Or any idea how o achieve this?

Thanks for any help..

Hi Stavros,

So you need to upload media from 4 different post and show them on 1 another post, right?

If so, you can set context and context_id for upload and can set same context and context_id to display that media.

Multiple context_id is not possible right now in rtMedia.

And how could I display the photos only for attraction 1 then? I need also specific photo galleries for each post and also a sum of all these photo galleries..

So, rtMedia can not handle this... Is it very hard to implement it on a future update?

Hi Stavros,

Current version of rtMedia can't handle it. We are looking into this and will get it done and it will be available in upcoming release of rtMedia.

Hi there, I quite urgently need to be able to do this. Has this been implemented yet?

Hello @Anna,

We have replied to your premium ticket for this similar query.

You can display gallery for multiple albums using comma separated list:

[rtmedia_gallery album_id=18,11 global=true]

Note: Replace the album_id with your required ids of albums.