Shortcode and media size

Ist ist possible to display media via [rtmedia_gallery …] shortcode in medium, not in thumbnail size?

Hi @jhartm,

Sorry to say but for shortcode there is not any option available. If you are having knowledge of WordPress and php you can do it by yourself.

Technically you need to follow below steps :

  • Create a page template.
  • Use filter for image size in which you will return image size to medium.
  • Call gallery shortcode from page template.

This is how it is possible to display medium size media in shortcode.


You could use Media Library Assistant. It’s a free plugin that supports rtMedia and you can configure galleries in any way you wish. Search on the forums here for Media Library Assistant and you’ll see a few tutorials I wrote on how to use it.

One thing MLA will not do, however, is a masonry grid. It’s more or less your standard gallery design. You can modify the templates that it comes with any way you wish of course, that’s just beyond something I’ve had to do with it so far.

Have fun

hm i’ll try. is there a possiblility to crop the widget images via css instead? My problem is: when i use masonry, widget images are looking terrible… thanks for yir help.

Hi @jhartm,

It is not possible to crop the image in widget, but you can re-size images via custom CSS under rtMedia admin settings. For example below is the sample CSS code :

 .rtmedia_gallery_wrapper .rtmedia-container li img { 
      width:100px; height:100px; 

If you use masonry view it will not affect widget image size in anyway.

Thanks. But masonry did not crop pictures to fit in widget style. so they get squeezed…

Hi @jhartm,

You can apply masonry in widget gallery than.

And if I want this to only happen on the homepage and keep the actual gallery on my other pages the regular size?

Hi @livingsurvival,

You have discussed issue related to this on another thread here -> Photos in gallery view order. We will discuss further on this issue there.