Shortcode Album when album selected doesn't stay on page


--- I thought I posted this morning but I must of not if it's a repost I'm sorry ---


This looks more like a feature request than a bug.

I created a shortcode to list a user's albums and placed it on a page in wordpress. That's working fine the person's album shows up on page. Looks what I expect.

Once I selected an album instead of showing me the album content in that page I am I am wisked away to the person's profile/album page. Which wasn't what I was hoping for would happen.

What I was expecting is stay on that page and show the images for that album.

It would be great if there's a way if it's a post it stays on the page or at least an option in the shortcode for it.

Thank you for looking into it.


@bmogged - I guess you want it to be ajaxified. We have tried to keep this functionality simple and mostly left things like these for other plugins and addons to extend. Although something like this could be included in rtMedia Pro in the future.

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