Share options in activity stream

Good day. I noticed after purchasing rtMedia Pro I still do not have share options on the activity stream page of the profile only when a person clicks an image, in addition there is no like button or any share options that show on the main page which will prevent “instant sharing”. Lastly a user must click inside their page comment area in order to see that they can add content to the stream. How can I fix these issues. Thanks.

Hi James,

So, you are saying that share buttons are only on single media, when media opens in lightbox or in single media page, right? Well, that’s what the feature is, to have rtSocial sharing buttons in single media view.

Let me know if I am getting it in wrong direction.

For no Like button, please check rtMedia admin settings and make sure Like button for media is enabled.

Also do check it with WordPress default theme and other plugins disabled. It might be theme issue or a plugin conflict.

Has anyone got a chance to look at this yet I sent a response back with access to the site. Did you get that?

Good day Mr. Patel I have heard of rtMedia excellent support so thanks for getting back with me. I have set up admin credentials for someone to take a look as I want to be sure that we are referring to the same thing before I begin changing things and spending time activating and decactiving plugins since I’m rather limited on time. I would like to send these credentials privately. Can you please take a look at the profile page and the activity stream itself. My goal is to get the share options in the activity stream and also to get the areas that such things can be added to be visible. How do I go about accomplishing that? I’m pretty sure I made the proper setting in the designated area. Thanks in advance!