SFTP setup tutorial is not working for me

Is this working for anyone? https://easyengine.io/handbook/configure-sftp-on-ee4-server

It is not creating the user when I do it.

And isn’t working for me too… Please, help us!

same. has someone figured it out? this is insane, i just wasted hours on this

I got it to work connecting to port 2222 instead of 22.

Also, be sure to replace example.com with your domain in the docker config file.

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thanks. port 2222 worked for me too

I agree, the tutorial kinda sucks…

I get this error:

ERROR: Couldn't connect to Docker daemon at http+docker://localhost - is it running?

If it's at a non-standard location, specify the URL with the DOCKER_HOST environment variable.

Maybe docker isn’t installed, maybe i did something wrong, add files to wrong folder or whatever. The point is that the tutorial assume that i have experience in working with docker before.

Someone have any idea regarding my error message?

I think the instructions are a bit unclear based on the comments here. A couple thoughts. First, this doesn’t create the user account for you. The instructions state that but perhaps not clearly enough. You have to have existing users on the server that this configuration is applied to. Then use the id command to show the user’s UID and GID and add that to the users.conf file.

Another thing is to change the first line under volumes in docker-compose.yml to point to the correct site and user.

Honestly, you’re probably better off just enabling ssh on the server itself rather than doing this with docker. Try something like DIgitalOcean’s tutorial on this - https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-ssh-keys-on-ubuntu-1804