SFTP impossible to access with easyengine?

I´ve follow all the tutorials I´ve found in the web and here and NO ONE worked. I´ve using serverpilot before and it was very easy, but in easyengine I can´t. Access by SFTP is the only way I know to select the child theme and cannot do this with easyengine.

I´ve follow this tutorial: https://easyengine.io/tutorials/linux/setup-sftp/

but when I put this code in putty: grep www-data /etc/passwd

appear this: www-data:x:33:33:www-data:/var/www:/usr/sbin/nologin

and then I don´t know what to do when the tutorial says to ´´To setup login shell change /usr/sbin/nologin to /bin/bash´´

How I can change this code? I only know ''paste-copy´´ in putty. Nothing more…

Use VIM to change it. Don’t be scared, VIM is your friend. There’s millions of tutorials, but this should get you started http://linuxconfig.org/vim-tutorial