sFTP for each site

In ee3 I knew in ee4 how can I do to have an individual sFTP access for each site on the server?

I would imagen what ever you did for EE3 would work in EE4. You can create a user with the site root as its home. There may also be a way to sFTP directly into the docker containers but it would require more involved networking setup.

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@juliocorrea Do check this post App Folder Permissions Workaround for FTP User

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In ee3 i just do: Add a new ftp user

adduser --home /var/www/sitename.com.br/ --shell /bin/false --ingroup www-data nameuser
chmod -R g+rw /var/www/sitename.com.br

// ** Permissão chmod ** //
sudo chmod -R -f 775 /var/www/sitename.com.br
sudo chmod -R -f 775 /var/www/nameuser.com.br/htdocs

I adapted for the path on the ee4, but don´t work.

That should work except the path is /opt/easyengine/sites/SITE_ADDRESS/app/

Try adding the docker group to the user and see if that helps. What specifically is not working? Can you login?

How i add the docker group to the user, please?

sudo adduser <USERNAME> <GROUPNAME>

For the containers the user should be www-data. I am not totally clear how permissions work through binding.

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