SFTP and Permissions. And Windows ofcourse :—)

Hi friends! Are you ready to the newbtime? Ok.

  1. I edit files in my Windows PC through SFTP. So conveniently for me: I can very quickly to see changes in real time.
  2. I update Wordpress (plugins, images, etc…) by a usual method — through admin part.

But the problem is — I can’t do it at the same time. My Ubuntu tell me about wrong permissions.

  1. In case sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/ I can work with Wordpress admin part, but can’t edit files via SFTP.
  2. In case sudo chown -R username:www-data /var/www/ I can edit files via SFTP, but can’t update and upload nothing in Wordpress admin part.

What’s wrong with my middle hemisphere? please…

Where files are physically located? What local server is used? What does all of the above have to do with EasyEngine?

Файлы где физически находятся? Какой локальный сервер используется? Какое отношение все вышеописанное имеет к EasyEngine?

What «physical location»? What «local server»? This topic about usual Wordpress based on Easy Engine and Ubuntu VDS server.

As reader of the question need to know about your server? As example, my EasyEngine works on local machine throw Vagrant box and on LINODE VDS. :smile:

In your case you need to edit the files not under root but under user www-data. Here is the article, how to configure it: https://easyengine.io/tutorials/linux/setup-sftp/

I regret, but you haven’t understood a specific objective. Re-read a starting topic. Perhaps, you should make it not once.

You can add your specific user “username” to the group www-data, assign rights to folders and files writable by users from one group and then it will work.