Severe issue!

Our main gallery is based on the favlist of a superuser member, we lost all the favlist contents!! It appears “there’s no media found…”. Please help!!

We lost all favlist!!

Favorite tool doesn’y work anymore

Please, help soon!!

Hello Rico,

Have you tried by disabling other plugins and use WordPress default theme?
We never faced issue that media and/or any feature get deleted or disabled from website.
There might be two chances:

  1. If someone intentionally deleted that.
  2. Any other plugin or theme has some code by which favlist and other content deleted.

Please let us know if you have any other doubts or concern.


Nitum, we faced the problem about 4 hours ago and only me was on line. The strange thing is that the tool doesn’t work anymore

I checked my cPanel and all seems present

How can I retrieve it?

Yesterday I installed ITRO popup and it delete cookies but the problem is since 4 hours ago, please help me to restore the tool

Please! Help us!!

favlist are present in the profiles, but they are all empty

I have an another site with rtMedia pro and it doesn’t work there even if it’s been months that I don’t touch that site

Other thing: even if we set 1Mb as upload limit, members are able to load heavier images

Hello Rico,

I think one of our developer (Ritesh) is already discussing with you via email.

Thanks, –Nitun