Setting up simple upload function for registered users of my site

So the default way of uploading media is too hidden and takes more extra steps than I would like for users of my website to get their images/videos/music uploaded to their albums. I want to make it as easy for the registered users as possible.

I created a new page for the media uploading options so that I can set it directly in the navagation menu for registered users to easily access. This was done using the shortcodes for the uploader and image gallery. The problem is, I am not getting the results I am going for.

I want the logged in user to be able to click the upload images/videos/music link to go to the page I created for this function, and on that page be able to upload their content using the functionality that rtmedia provides,such as what type of media they would like to upload, to which album they would like it to be in, to create a new album, etc, etc.

The media gallery should also list that current logged on users uploads categorized by albums and/or media type.

I’m assuming this is possible as the shortcodes seem to be leading in that direction but no matter what I do it is not functioning correctly and remains user-unfriendly, which will ultimately lead to the user giving up on doing so. I do not want that. Thanks and I would appreciate any help toward providing a remedy to this issue. Thanks.