Set up a mirror server

Any advice or recommended reading to set up a mirror server? - one of my clients is nervous.

Hello Robbie_berns, you can follow this tutorial to setup a storage cluster with GlusterFS :

In my own case

  1. I purchased two VPS from different OVH data centers.

  2. Installed EE stack on both

  3. Created a WordPress WPSC site: on both servers

  4. Enabled Database replication

  5. Enabled folder syncing between the two systems using the above linked guide

  6. Set up Cloudflare’s Loadbalancing

N.B While visiting the front end will be easy enough with this set up I suggest the client pick up a primary site which they will update in the back end. This can be done by using custom DNS entries for an organisation or an entry in the host file for individuals.

Thank you virtubox!

It looks a bit daunting, but I’ll give it a go

This looks do-able - thank you.

How do you deal with the nginx v apache issues?

I haven’t tried Cloudflare load-balancing, but I will run some test to compare performance with the other load-balancing solution. OVH released a new version of their load-balancing last week, and for $10/mo, it include some cool features like the backend health status, which require an Enterprise plan with Cloudflare.

But it’s also possible to setup your own load balancing with a VPS and Nginx in front of your 2 replicated VPS