Set Media Page as Default for Every Member

So, I've been trying this for several hours. And can't seem to understand where to start.

I want each Member ( to start with the Media button and not activity.

Hoping you'll could help me with some code to override the default BuddyPress config. Please Do help.

Also if there is a way to keep the 'Media' first in the member primary navigation. I got how to rearrange the default BuddyPress Navigation can't seem to make the Media Button move before Activity.

Thanks in advance, Vir

Hey Vir, Please report back if you figure this out. I can only seem to be able to get it to default to one of the built in BP tabs. Thanks!

Hey @colabsadmin I would be grateful if you could guide me in doing so. I would love to switch the default as 'Profile' instead of 'Activity'. Been trying to figure this one out for days now. Thank you.

Oh. I can show you that. I found the answer quickly by doing a google search for "buddypress change default profile tab" which lead me to this:

Had to read through some of the junk there, but ended up with a solution that's a common practice. Basically create a new php file called bp-custom.bp. Put the following into it:

<?php // hacks and mods will go here define( 'BP_DEFAULT_COMPONENT', 'profile' ); ?>

and save it to /wp-content/plugins/

upload it and you should be all set. I got that working pretty quickly, and thought I could change 'profile' to media or something similar to show the media section by default but couldnt figure it out. (I've only been working with WP/BP for a week). Anyhow, hope that's what you were asking for.

@colabsadmin Hey Thanks again ! Going to try to make the 'media' tab as default. Lets hope that works. Will have to look into the BuddyPress code. Will keep in touch :)

Any updates on this, I desperately need to know this as well. Thanks in advance.

@filip-van-hoeckel - rtMedia is not a BuddyPress component, so it is not possible right now using the BP_DEFAULT_COMPONENT constant . We have added this to our todo list and will come up with an alternative method for getting this done soon.

You can track it here->