Set featured / unset featured is broken [Possible BUG]

I have been debugging the issue - however it’s impossible to see where the application breaks.

However is giving response: {“status”:“error”,“error”:“Not found”} - the call is never entering: process() method. However if I change data to something different than json - I get a full html response after entering process() method.

Sometimes the image is set featured - after some time or some reloads - maybe you could provide user with some status “The images was set to featured”

I have changed the month folder option today to off. But have changed it back.

I am using latest version of WordPress with BuddyPress - And JSON User Pro.

Great plugin and I actually use rtPanel all the time ; )

Thx - Riceman ; )

I have figured out it’s a compatibility issue with JSON user pro - I will see if I can figure out what the root cause is…