Servicectl restart indicates caution

i mounted nginx on raspbian the day prior to this and didn‘t be aware any issues starting or restarting the nginx carrier. these days i tried restarting and the subsequent caution became proven: pi@raspscreen:~ $ sudo carrier nginx reload warning: the unit document, supply configuration file or drop-ins of nginx.service changed on disk. run ‘systemctl daemon-reload’ to reload devices.

this usually takes place after a reboot. i’m now not sure what modifies the service record on the disk.

i also hooked up personal home page-fpm and sqlite3 after nginx, ought to this be an problem?

edit: i bet i know what is causing problems. i had to alter the service report to start nginx after the dns service has started out. i used systemctl edit to override the service file. i thought this will be the ideal way to alternate the service file…

thank you my issue has been solved

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