ServerName weirdness in Nginx

does anyone have an idea on that? ee (latest version) with a site running on great for quite a while now. I now wanted to make sure I also point subdomains to this host. I changed ServerName to:

ServerName *

using ee site edit

Nginx got reloaded afterwards. still works. shows nginx default page. I checked the DNS Settings and pinged - points to the same IP than, I reloaded nginx once more, checked the config file, reloaded it once more. still the same.

I’m a bit buffled now. ideas?

(It’s a wordpress php7 setup but i guess that doesn’t matter and I also checked that is on no other config files on the server)

In Nginx, wildcard character is not *, but _ instead.

thanks, interestingly it passed nginx -t text and after changing it now I still get the nginx default page on there seems to be something else causing this.

EDIT: these calls to the subdomain definitely don’t get handled by the vhost but the default host instead. They also appear in the default logfiles.

Try renaming the vhost in /etc/sites-enabled from default.conf to zzzzzz-default.conf or something like this. I had such kind of issues before, and this workaround did the trick for me.

after renaming the default conf the subdomain hits another host that is now first in the alphabetical order of config files.

There’s really some weird stuff going on.

pushing this up once more as I still didn’t get this fixed.

Looks like whatever I do to get to be used by my vhost it only drops to the first vhost in the nginx config directory. it was on the default before, i moved away the default so it now hits the first vhost in place.

nginx -t reports no errors.

Any idea? is running LE (SSL) if that