Server requirements for bm-ffmpeg plugin to work


in our test site which is hosted in our other vps server the plugin works fine. but in our livesite which is in another server it doesnt work.

can you tell us the server requirements for it to work perfectly?

thank you very much.


As far as I know you are using Cent OS in your live server and Ubuntu server in your test server. The script for Ubuntu server works perfectly in most cases but I cannot say the same for cent OS. In the stock version of Cent OS the script works fine but you are using an older version of it with some modifications. So it will be helpful if you can provide the credentials to Mitesh who can help you with the installation of FFMPEG on your live server.

no i mean our website is in the cent os server but the media-node is in ubuntu. that is how we set it up. the test website is also in centos but uses the ubuntu to upload and convert video. our problem is when we upload files using the test site (which is in centos) it works. but in the live site (which is in another centos server) it doesnt. so i was thinking maybe there are missing server components in our live site that we need to install for it to work..