Server questions

Hi, i have vps for my hosting witch i use ispconfig to manage my hosting and emails accounts.

Now i want to use easy engine because it has less server memory usage and better performance, but i still have some questions about the email server? do i need 2 vps? one for hosting and one for email? if not how do i setup both together.



We haven’t tested ISPConfig and easyengine but running them both together is not recommended. They might overlap/overwrite into each others config.

For easyengine, mail support will be added soon -

If you are in hurry, you can setup mail server using

You can run/manage mail-hosting and web-hosting from single VPS.

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for the quick answer, i don’t want to run easyengine with ispconfig. I want to migrate mine to easyengine.

So i can run a mail server and easyengine on the same server, that was my question all along.

One more thing, are you guys going to continue the mail server series?

Thanks for the support.

One more thing, are you guys going to continue the mail server series?

Yep. :slight_smile:

Basically everything we posted under - and will be updated with easyengine.

Tutorials will be more like manual way of doing things whereas easyengine will automate “manual” processes as they mature.

Comparated to our wordpress articles, mail section is less matured but “less matured” part has more to do with configuring right set of roundcube plugins, spam-settings, etc. Most likely nginx part and installation part will remain unchanged for long time.