Server issues after update

I updated ee to latest version as mentioned in the release blog post, and installation went fine and no issues came up during the process.

Though after the update when I point my domain it doesn’t come. I tried to fetch site using gtmetrix and they gave me a error saying unable to fetch the site.

How do I sort this out?

Hi Arjun

Please provide the output of following command
nginx -t


I did no config mods after that, but the site comes, but takes too much of time to load.

nginx -t gives me

nginx: the configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf syntax is ok  
nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test is successful  

Hello Arjun,

Your nginx configuration is ok did you just restart the nginx, php5-fpm and mysql services and test the website. also can you give me your server current load average.

service mysql restart  
service php5-fpm restart  
service nginx restart

Everything seems to be fine at the moment there.

Though now I’m facing issues on my homepage. It shows a cached version only. Whatever code I update to my homepage template, it doesnt show up. I’m on W3TC, with homepage caching disabled. Also I tried purging the homepage, but still no use. Any idea?

Hi Arjun,

Did you install and configure nginx-helper plugin?
nginx-helper plugin purge the cache when some contents are modified.

You can manually purge by using the following commands
rm -rf /var/run/nginx-cache/*

Now after restarting everything, nothing’s happening. I’m being thrown a 504.

The issue that stands now is the homepage purge, it doesn’t show what update I make to the homepage template file.

Its good if you provide your website error.log file for debugging purpose.
Also send me the output of following command:

ee info

There seems to be something wrong with the server. At times the site never loads and I’ve to reload nginx to get the site back running.

ee info

Nginx (nginx/1.4.1) Information:  

Nginx User:                      www-data  
Nginx worker_processes:          1  
Nginx worker_connections:        1024  
Nginx keepalive_timeout:         65  
Nginx fastcgi_read_timeout:      300  
Nginx client_max_body_size:      100m  
Nginx Allowed IP Address:  

PHP (5.5.6-2) Information:  

PHP User:                        www-data  
PHP expose_php:                  Off  
PHP post_max_size:               100M  
PHP upload_max_filesize:         100M  
PHP max_execution_time:          300  

PHP ping.path:                   /ping  
PHP pm.status_path:              /status  
PHP pm.max_requests:             500  
PHP pm.max_children:             100  
PHP pm.start_servers:            20  
PHP pm.min_spare_servers:        10  
PHP pm.max_spare_servers:        30  
PHP request_terminate_timeout:   300  
PHP Fastcgi Listen:      

MySQL (5.5.34) Information:  

MySQL User:                      mysql  
MySQL port:                      3306  
MySQL wait_timeout:              28800  
MySQL Max_used_connections:      19/151  
MySQL datadir:                   /var/lib/mysql/  
MySQL socket:                    /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock  

EasyEngine (ee) Common Locations:  

PHP Status:              
Nginx Status:            
Opcache & Memcache Status:  
EasyEngine Log File:             /var/log/easyengine/install.log  
EasyEngine Configuration File:   /etc/easyengine/ee.conf  

Error Log
My error.log file is blank and there was another file error.log.1 which I have attached here.

Hello Arjun,

First decrease mysql wait_timeout to 300; vim /etc/mysql/my.cnf wait_timeout = 300

Restart mysql service mysql restart

Please copy/paste the contents of following file /var/log/nginx/ /var/log/nginx/

Made the mysql wait_timeout changes.

Attaching both the log files.

access.log error.log

Note: There's something wrong with attaching file to the forum.

Hi Arjun,

On error .log i'm notice two issue

  1. upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out)
  2. MySQL server has gone away

Its a good if you provide me a shell access to debug your server and fix the issue asap.

Hey Mitesh, LMK your e-mail so that I can provide you access.

You can send me the details on

List of changes made on server

Change MySQL Following Settings

vim /etc/mysql/my.cnf max_connections = 50 wait_timeout = 300 interactive_timeout = 300

Permission Issue: the 777 permission is given to the web-root, which is not recommended, Fix the web-root permission

The main issue is caused by the w3-total-cache plugin so rename that plugin and restart the php5-fpm service, Now server load drops from 7.0+ to 0.3 :)

Let me know if you still face any issue.

Thanks for the help Mitesh.

Everything was fine and as I mentioned, I got a 504 now and it got back to normal after I reloaded nginx service. Any thoughts?

Hi Arjun,

Please disable w3-total-cache sometime and check your site performance. When I'm check your server, your server is overloaded and w3-total-cache cause the problems So please make that plugin disable sometime and motinor your site you get any 504 error.