Server crash after updating / writing files

I’m using Easy Engine since V3
Now in V4, I always meet condition where easyengine crash after updating / write new files in site htdocs/ folder.
Using SFTP or using terminal to edit/write files keep that crash occurred.
Usually after 1-2 minutes server have comeback online.

If it’s not being online, I’m doing these steps:

  1. disable site
  2. $ cd /opt/easyengine/services
  3. $ docker-compose down
  4. $ docker-compose up -d
  5. reboot server
  6. enable site

if got “Error establishing a database connection” I do this command:
$ ee service enable db

and voila… the server is live again.

But I feel this really annoying since this happening often.
Is there some setting that I lost here?

Is there anyone have same condition like this?
Thank you.

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