Separate Email Server from Web Server

what is the right setup for my scenario

I have a domain. ex.

my webserver (wordpress) is located in my first linode server

but I want my email server to be hosted on my 2nd linode server

what is the right procedure?

so I need to setup the ee stack install --mail to the first server or 2nd server?

also do I need to set the hostname to on 2nd server?

plus what are the setup I need to do on my DNS manager in my linode?

do I need to add MX, A , CNAME??

I really can’t find a details tutorial on how to do this setup

we want to have our email on our own just like the way google apps work it uses the google server which is that is a separate server but on our end we want to make our 2nd linode server to be our email server so what will be the procedure , hopefully kindly give me a better idea on how to do this setup.

thank you.

You could just setup EE on the second server and setup a domain with the same name.

I have used for my mail server in the past and it works very well.

you would then need to set the MX records for your domain to the new IP or hostname for your mail server.