Separate database server and web server using Easy engine?

Hi friends,

I have one server where I am running db and apache server on same machine. I am moving website on new server location where I am making db server and apache server separate. (One VPS machine running mysql only and another vps machine will run php and mysql only.)

I am thinking to use easy engine. How I can configure easy engine to create database on another server and create new website with db on another server. ???

Also I don’t want to install all utilities from easy engine, only required utilities and tools each server. So let me know that which stack I have to install on db VPS machine and which stack I have to install on web server VPS machine. ???

Thanking in advance. Makarand Mane,


You can follow this tutorial for remote mysql setup

Thanks Gaurav

Same doc I already got it and I done with that. One major issue with document is this link ( not opening. It is redirecting else where. But all subpages for this link are opening. So most of tuts about easyengine are subpages of this link that is why I am not getting important link listed at place and I have to post here. Many documents links I got elsewhere. Documentation of Easyengine looks need more improvement.

also I think this line is wrong

# skip-networking 

Ip adderss must be of that mysql server. Not of easy engine server.

Hi @makarand

The lines you mentioned are not wrong. See here for more information.

As the issue has been resolved, I am closing this support topic for now. Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: