Select Album Problem


Whenever I am trying to upload an image, I select create new album. when I click Upload Media its saying "Select an album". Is Create new album option in select menu supposed to do something.

And is there any way to display all the uploaded video in a single page. I am new to wordpress. Trying to find a solution for this for 3 days. :(

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upgrade to latest version, there are several bug fixes. Even for those albums.


@josefabiosan: Thanks for the help.

@ngstwr: I see that the weird json is showing up in the latest update instead of the actual update. There seems to be a jquery error on your theme, Could you check the browsers' console and see if there such errors?



I am having the exact issues. I am also currently running the latest version of the plugin. Any clue as to how to remedy this will be extremely appreciated.

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I'm experiencing the same problem as well with BP 1.7 and WP 3.5 running. If I click on +Create new album it just gives me "Select Album:" with no further options to create the album. If I try to upload from that screen I get the error described above asking users to create an album.

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I figured it out for my particular theme. There's a bit of css for the group tabs area in buddypress like this:

.hide { position: absolute; top: -9999px; left: -9999px; }

That hides the upload box. For those having problems here, you'll need to go through your theme's custom css and find the problem styles.


I gave your solution a shot grahamn, but in the end it continued to give me the same problem.



Ideally, "Create new Album" shows a text input for adding the name of the new album. Try This could be a theme issue. To check, activate a standard theme like Twenty Twelve and see what happens?