Secure new server



I’m thinking in migrate my servers from EE V3 under Ubuntu 14.04 to EE V4 under Ubuntu 18 but have some questions about security.

  • Is it recommended to install/configure applications such as UFW, fail2ban, Monit, etc.? Is it work on Docker?


Also interested on this. I do not have any experience with Docker and on every new server I make some initial security configurations as described at:

Should I keep on doing that? Or with Docker I must make things different?



@Danielote @mikeslv I’m not an expert in security, but as far as I think it’s fine to install UFW, Monit etc… However, I’m not sure about fail2ban. Even if it will work, it might need some extra configuration to work with nginx-proxy.

I think it could work without nginx=proxy for ssh etc… Maybe @mriyam.tamuli can help more here.


And what about Ubuntu/Debian automatic security updates? Can we enable them without causing issues with Easuengine Docker?