Search Function or Search Attributes

I have rtMedia Pro and Inspirebook, they have great widgets, and I am using the option to have attributes to media. The regulat wordpress search does not bring back any search results so I have tried google search but it is not that great either. I am wondering if there is a way to have a search function to search by attribute. Can this be done already? I was just looking for something that can be searched by attribute or tag and bring youtube style results like a media preview or something. Thanks

Unrelated, but do you know how to have the lightbox open for videos, like pictures in the activity stream instead of the embed play when clicked?

Hi Adrian,

Yeah regular WordPress search doesn’t bring back any results for that and I am sorry to say there isn’t any feature like search by attribute or tag in rtMedia/rtMedia-PRO as well.

Regarding second question, please check this support thread -> for the similar issue.