Scroll doesn't work, uploading media impossible

Hi! I have a problem because in “media” section of the profiles there are link to gallery, albums etc but scroll doesn’t work and the button “upload” is not visible… I’m using social magazine theme but I tried it with default buddypress theme and it doesn’t work either… It works on Twenty Forteen theme but there I have another issue, I upload the photos, create albums etc but I can’t save them so they dissapear…

Please help :frowning:

here is the screenshot of the profile. I can’t see anything what is below :frowning:

Hello @agus.007,

Please once refer this similar thread here Cannot scroll the page?

I hope it will help you. Thanks.

Thank you so much! yes, now it works well :blush:

That’s great!

I am closing this thread for now. Feel free to create new if you face any issue.