Scroll bar missing when logged out only

The scroll bar is missing when on Inspire Book/ RT media only when I am logged out? Can you please help? the website is

Hello @tramford,

Can you please explain the issue in more detail?

We have checked your site and the scroll bar is already there. On which page the scroll bar is missing?

If possible please attach screenshot.

Thank you.

I am having an issue with the uploader with Mp3 files. When I go to my media page and try to upload mp3s I get an error that says “http error”

Do you have any suggestions?

Also, the “cover” image on the profile always shows as pixelated.

Hello @tramford,

For “http error” issue: Could you check your error logs and confirm if you are getting any errors?

For “cover” image: You need to set proper image size for featured image from Image size tab under rtMedia admin settings. If you are using inspireboook theme than this doc might help ->

Thank you.