Safari Can’t Connect to the Server


EasyEngine 3.8.1

After renewing Lets Encrypt SSL yesterday, I now get the following error:

Safari Can’t Connect to the Server
Safari can’t open the page "https://localhost" because Safari can’t connect to the server “localhost”.

This is not happening on Firefox Developer Edition v66.0b5 (64-bit) nor Google Chrome v72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit).


I spent about 3 hours today working on this problem (mostly trying to figure out how it occurred, so as to stop it from occurring on other websites). As it sometimes goes, I resolved this issue within a few minutes of posting this.

To stop this from occurring I had to both “Purge Entire Cache” from the NGINX Helper Plugin and “Clear History” in Safari. One alone, did not work, in any order.

I’d like to know what caused this to occur as a renewal of the LetsEncrypt SSL shouldn’t re-route a domain to localhost.