Is there any problem sharing images on FB? Until some days ago it appeared the photo thumbnail and the author of the picture,now I don’t see it anymore, the image is blank. Thanks

Hi Rico,
When you shared item on facebook using rtSocial, it was shared successfully, right?
It’s strange that image is blank on facebook after some day. Job of rtSocial is to provide a bridge between your content and facebook.

i’ll check it out

Can you please check it out in my network?


Hi Rico,
I shared one of the media from your site in Facebook and is working fine.

sorry, can you delete my previous post please?

This is what I see

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I tried again and is working fine.

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very weird, do you think it should be a server problem?

Hi Rico,
I don’t know what is the issue here. I am using Facebook URL debugger -> https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/ to debug the URLs.

No way Ritesh… we all tried to share on FB and G+ same result: no thumb. We also have an indian member in the staff and also for him same issue, what you suggest me? Maybe some missing setting or should I contact my hosting service? Thanks

Hi Rico,

Are you using any SEO plugin? If yes, may be you need to configure it properly. Basically, Facebook looks for og properties -> http://ogp.me/ also check this page -> https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/howtos/maximizing-distribution-media-content

I’ll check it out Ritesh, the weird thing is that you have the thumbs… mah… Thanks a lot for your suggestions I’ll contact also my horsing service.
P.S. it seems that your login here via social networks doesn’t work anymore the popup is blank :wink: