RtSocial on just single posts (not excerpts)

Hi everyone

Firstly I absolutely love this theme, thanks for creating and sharing it.

I'm using the rtsocial plugin as well but it's displaying on the excerpts, I only want the buttons to display at the end of the posts on single posts (I have my homepage set to the option excerpts)

I tried different ways to do this but so far unsuccessful, is there any way I can do this?




Hello Merlin,
First of all from your admin dashboard change your rtsocial’s placement setting to “Manual”

then in your source code plz insert the below code:


if( is_singular() && function_exists( 'rtsocial' ) ){  
echo rtsocial();  

Note : If you want the buttons to display only on posts and not on the page then you can paste following code :

if( is_single() && function_exists( 'rtsocial' ) ){  
echo rtsocial();  

If you have any further queries kindly let us know.

Thank you.

Hi Merlin,

We are coming up with a similar option in the coming version of rtSocial.

But for now, Ankit’s solution should do what you want.

Try it and let us know!