rtSocial causes problems with my "About the Author" area after posts

For some reason it’s destroying my “about the author” section at the bottom of my post, regardless of where I place the rtSocial plugin. For some reason the whole “about the author” section is gone and my related posts and ads at the bottom of my page are all messed up. Not sure what’s causing it, except that when I deactivate rtSocial my page loads correctly.

Anyway, I’m using a theme-junkie theme called “smart blog” if you’re interested in checking out this problem.

Hi Adam,

First of all, thank you for using rtSocial.

It’s quite shocking (to read) that on activating rtSocial plugin, it’s breaks “about the author” section in your current theme. Looks like some CSS / JavaScript issue.

Our team are looking into the matter, and we will be coming out with fix very soon.

Can you please provide me URL to website, where you are using rtSocial plugin.

One more thing, in near future, we will be adding support for Google+ in rtSocial plugin. You can even put in your suggestions for enchancing rtSocial plugin.

Thank You.

I don’t know if rtSocial can get any better. After you add Google+ it will be perfect. Currently I’m using another plugin because rtSocial is breaking my site layout. However, if you want me to activate rtSocial again so that you can look at my website I can do that. You have should contact me via twitter to set that up. I will be around for the next 7 hours after posting this message. Otherwise my twitter account is @adamsaverian and my website is http://onlinebusinesshour.com

I greatly appreciate it and will definitely promote your plugin because it’s really FAST!

I really want to use your plugin. Let me know when you have a fix, or if you need any help. adamsaverian@gmail.com

Hi Adam.

We have fixed the CSS issue and a updated version (1.0.1) is available now. :slight_smile:

Kindly use the same and let us know, if you still face any problems. We strive to solve our users’ queries with best of our abilities and dedication.


Thanks! Well done. As soon as I test I will promote it on the podcast tomorrow morning. PS - rtSocial isn’t selling data to 3rd parties or anything is it? There’s no malicious code is there? Nothing I should be aware of before I endorse your plugin? Thanks

Problem still persists. Here’s some images:

before: https://skitch.com/adamsaverian/gdxsp/prize-ideas-for-your-blog-contest

After: https://skitch.com/adamsaverian/gdxs7/prize-ideas-for-your-blog-contest-1

I will promote your plugin anyway, because it’s great. Hopefully other people don’t have the same issue. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Hi Adam,
Our developers are still searching for the solution, as per our understanding the plugin is working fine with other WordPress themes and we have tested it well.
rtSocial plugin’s CSS code might be conflicting with “smartblog” theme you are using, hence it might be causing an issue with your blog.
May I know which plugins you are using in WordPress site? It will help us to test if plugins are conflicting with others.

I’m using 13 plugins.
Blubrry PowerPress
Google XML Sitemaps
Gravity Forms
Livefyre Realtime Comments
MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate
nrelate Related Content
SexyBookmarks (by Shareaholic)
Shortcodes Ultimate
Simply Poll
Slick Contact Forms
Slimbox2 with Slideshow
Social Media Widget
Twitter @Anywhere Plus (The problem existed before I installed this plugin)
WordPress SEO

Hope that helps.

Thank you very much Adam for list of plugins that you are using, we will test our rtSocial plugin and let you know very soon if there is some conflict occurred.

Thanks for all your help.

I went ahead and switched my theme and rtSocial is working fine in my Genesis framework based theme. :wink:

Thanks, rtSocial is crazy fast! When are you going to add Google+ support? In order to add Google+ to my page I have to use Google’s button which is slow to load.

Really looking forward to Google+ support!!

Hello Adam.

Good to hear back from you.

We will soon come up with Google+ with rtSocial plugin. You will be notified personally as soon as it is launched. :slight_smile:


Great, because I’m really looking forward to it! You have the best social sharing plugin for one big reason: SPEED! And I can’t stand how sometimes the Google+ button doesn’t even load on my page. rtSocial loads before anything else on my page does.

Needless to say I’m one the edge of my seat waiting for Google+ support. And I will be talking about it on my Online Business podcast when the update comes.

Thank you for Good words Adam.

We will update you once the Google+ button will be provided with rtSocial.


Why is it taking so loooong to add Google+?

I’m waiting to donate until I get Google+!!

And after I’m recording a short series on my podcast on sharing via social networks and I really want to promote rtSocial, but I want to be able to say that it has Google+!!

Thanks for creating such a FAST plugin, but please ad Google+ soon.

Hello Adam.

We are glad to know that you may consider us for donation. We appreciate your eagerness to promote rtSocial. We are making the plugin more robust and Google+ will be added soon.
We will definitely update you as soon as we release the updated version.


I just promoted rtSocial on my podcast again today. And on my post that will be out tomorrow titled “70+ Social Media Plugins & Dashboards For Serious Bloggers”

I noted that rtSocial is my favorite social sharing plugin because of its speed!

Good to know that Adam. :slight_smile:

Thank you once again.


Any thoughts on what could be causing this problem? I’d love to use this plugin.